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The Letter String Quartet

The Orbweavers: Newer Volcanics

Letter String Quartet

The Letter String Quartet is Steph O’Hara (Blue Grassy Knoll, Polyglot), Lizzy Welsh (Australian Art Orchestra, ELISION Ensemble, Golden Fur), Zoe Barry (Meow Meow, Missy Higgins, Zalumma Agra) and Biddy Connor (Laura Jean, Missy Higgins, Sailor Days).

The Letter String Quartet is speaking at


The Orbweavers: Newer Volcanics

Newer Volcanics is a live performance of original songs by The Orbweavers in collaboration with The Letter String Quartet, with atmospheric visuals and production design by filmmaker Brian Cohen.

Wednesday 22 May, 8.30pm - 9.30pm

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