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Trena Blair

Startup breakfast: Join the applied technology revolution


Forbes 2018: “Trena Blair is an expert in expanding businesses from Australia into the U.S., with New York as the entry point.”

Trena has managed global regions including Asia Pacific and the America’s, working with organisations to establish holistic sustainable business models and served for 7 years as a Business Excellence Evaluator for Business Excellence Australia. This led to her passion of working with Australian companies to prepare them for, and launch, in the USA, specialising in New York. Trena has also founded 2 startup’s, including an Italian luxury import/wholesale business and held executive responsibilities including working at a Telco startup.

Trena is an accomplished MC, Presenter, Moderator and Panellist. She has been featured across Sydney and New York in global publications, news articles, appeared on business television programs, and is a regular guest on various podcasts.

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Startup Breakfast: Join the Applied Technology Revolution

Startup breakfast: Join the applied technology revolution

Is our app obsession over? Take a look at how the next generation of startups are moving beyond app development to make an impact in the real world.

Tuesday 21 May, 7am - 9am

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