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Meet Anamika and Uday of Healtab

Anamika and Uday Healtab

Healtab was co-founded by mother and son duo Uday and Anamika Sharma. Their product presents a considered solution to an issue quite close to their hearts; connecting those in need to companionship during medical appointments and procedures.

Healtab was chosen to be the winning pitch for the October Pitch Night: Migrant and First Generation Founders. This event was presented in partnership with StartupVIC and Victoria University, 29 October 2019.

  1. What’s your startup story?

I was quite young when my mother (co-founder of Healtab) had to undergo her hernia surgery in an emergency. She has always been a very strong and independent woman, but at that time she felt very anxious. I wanted desperately for her to never feel like that again. That intense experience – for me, not being able to help – propelled us to create a community platform for others who might need this service but didn’t know where to find it. 

  1.   Paint us a picture of your vision for Healtab in five years:

In five years, we want to streamline our forward-leaning approach and solve technical and operational challenges so that customers have trust and ease while using ‘Companion-hailing’ process of Healtab. 

We also want other companies competing with us, just like Uber’s situation – being the king of their space while having competitors like Ola and Didi to encourage innovation and driving impact. Competition in our sector will challenge us to keep evolving and keep providing the best service. Furthermore, robust competition will be our evidence that people are resonating with our vision of ‘driving meaningful companionship through technology’.

  1. What are the main barriers you’ve experienced on this journey?

The main barriers we have faced so far on this journey has been self-doubt. Starting a startup is a very intensive ordeal, which is littered with many bumps. These bumps range from being institutional (government policies), familial (biases of family members) and self imposed (aka the founders-slump). However, barriers only remain barriers if you let them stop you. Having conviction that society would benefit from such a service helped us overcome such barriers. 

  1.   If you could choose five dream resources to have for your startup, what would they be? 

In no particular order; funding (kindof obvious but essential), accelerator programs (YGAP), more podcasts (like Masters of Scale, how to Start a Startup, Startup), and networking events (StartupVic Monthly Pitching events). 

  1.   Imagine you’re running a workshop, what knowledge would you share based on your education and life experience up until now? 

I would share how to develop mechanisms that check your assumptions of the needs and wants of your target market. We found this to be very important; being so intimately involved in the issue a startup is addressing, there’s the danger of losing track of biased views and beliefs, potentially limiting your impact. 

  1.   Who would be your dream mentor and why? 

I think my dream mentor would be Mark Cuban. I relate to his drive for success and astute business acumen. I also believe that he would be able to help me by guiding me to apply myself in the right way. 

  1.   What are your most used apps/tools on a daily basis? 

This one is going to be boring, but Google calendar. I so often double book myself that without an app that lets me see my events I would not be able to get anywhere or do anything. 

  1. Has there been a time when something hasn’t worked out and you’ve been able to turn your experience into a positive one?

A time that we experienced a failure was when we created a platform but hired the wrong firm to do it. This decision led us to depleted funds, along with having no functioning product. We were able to turn that experience into a positive by understanding and implementing metrics towards quantifying deliverable and appropriate team composition. 

  1. Can you recount for us your favourite ‘win’ moment to date – it could be big or really small, but a time where you felt really hopeful and proud.

One of the most significant ‘win’ moments to date has been the opportunity to team up with my mother as a start-up founder. Our existing meaningful relationship has been a beautiful foundation for Healtab and its growth as a product. 

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