Melbourne knowledge week
Melbourne Knowledge Week

Towards Melbourne 02050

Thu 23 May, 10am — 10pm


Towards Melbourne 02050 is a day focused on the future of our city brought to you by Melbourne Speculative Futures, the Melbourne Chapter of an international network for those interested in speculative design, critical design and design fiction.

As the world around us continuously shifts towards unfamiliar places, Melburnians are tasked with adapting to new ideas, technologies and identities. How do we collectively create the Melbourne of tomorrow? What do we need to do to get there? And how do we hold in balance that your preferred future is not their preferred future?

The day explores themes around the future of the home, food and cultural expression as well as human/machine interaction and non-binary futures. Sessions use workshops and interactive, immersive and experiential formats to investigate the journey towards Melbourne 02050.

By attending this day, audience members will learn, contribute and define the future we create everyday together.

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Thu 23 May, 10am — 10pm

A day to explore and design the city of the future

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