Melbourne 02050 forum

Thu 23 May, 10am — 10pm

Timelapse shot of Flinders Street Station at night

The Melbourne 02050 forum is a day focused on the future of our city brought to you by Melbourne Speculative Futures.

The future is filled with complex challenges which require us to create a resilient city. What will Melbourne look, feel, touch, taste and sound like in 02050? What do we need to do to get to this future? Who helps us shape it and why? How do we hold in balance that your preferred future is not our preferred future?

Diverse themes include the exploration of indigenous and non-binary futures, human/machine interaction as well as the future of the home, food and cultural expression. Spend the day exploring these questions with a series of workshops, interactive, immersive and experiential events where we focus on Melbourne realities for 02050.

By attending this day, audience members will learn, contribute and define the future we create together.

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Thu 23 May, 10am — 10pm

A day to explore and design the city of the future

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